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Cancer is a word most people are familiar with; thanks to an increasing incidence, improved awareness and early detection by sophisticated investigations. The word “Cancer” brings along enhanced emotions and is almost always associated with PAIN.

A rampant notion prevalent among most relatives and doctors is “All Pain in a cancer patient is almost always due to the cancer”. This is far from the truth. Even treatment of cancer with chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery can contribute to a patient’s pain experience. And yes, even cancer patients can have all the common age related non-cancer pains like arthritis, spine pain, migraines and many more. You need an experienced pain physician to meticulously assess the situation and quantify all components of pain and hence evolve an individually tailored pain treatment plan.

Another misplaced notion is “cancer patient in pain needs escalating dose of morphine to reduce pain”. While this is true to some extent, a meticulous assessment and thorough understanding of patients pain situation is warranted to meaningfully reduce pain and suffering. Large scale epidemiological studies prove that about 1-2 patients in 10 are unresponsive to morphine medicines. Your pain physician’s experience in precision pain procedures, will ensure sufficient pain relief inspite of significant cancer pain.

Your preferred Palliative Care Physician!

On the same note, Your ReLeaf Pain physician is an expert in delivering Palliative care which has evolved into a well defined, holistic medical specialty focused on caring for patients and their families facing a serious illness that may shorten life. The priority of palliative care is to provide relief from distressing symptoms related to disease or the side effects of treatment. It offers a support system that helps you live as actively and meaningfully for as long as possible. You are an individual and we understand that emotional, spiritual, family and financial worries are just as important to you and your family as are your physical problems.

We work as a team to help address many such issues mentioned together and offer a support system to help reduce the pain and suffering you and your family face during or even sometimes after your illness. We consider it important to address these uncertainties that encompass such a diagnosis.

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Releaf pain centers deliver a worldclass multidisciplinary service addressing all aspects of pain management, from diagnosis and assessment to treatment with noninvasive and invasive traditional therapies, as well as complementary therapies such as stress management and acupuncture.

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