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Low Back Pain Low back pain is extremely common. Almost every person will have at least one episode of low back pain at some time in his or her life. The pain can vary from severe and chronic to mild and short lived. For most people, it will resolve within a few weeks. However, in 30% of patients, this back pain may be a sign of something serious.

Sources of back pain:

· Prolapsed Disc/Slipped Disc

· Nerve Root compression/Spinal Cord compression

· Intervertebral Disc Inflammation

· Arthritis of Facet Joints in the spine

· Spinal Fractures

· Degeneration of Spine

· Abnormal slippage of spine (Spondylolisthesis)

· Myofascial Pain/Fibromyalgia


Treatments for low back pain are:

  • Nonsurgical Treatment

  • Rest

  • Braces

  • Local Muscle Injections

  • Exercise and Stretching

Exercising to restore motion and strength to a painful lumbar spine can be very helpful in relieving pain. Although there is controversy as to which are the most effective spine exercises, it is generally agreed that exercise should be both aerobic (aimed at improving heart and lung function) and stretches specific to the spine. Aerobic exercises include walking, jogging, swimming, and bicycling. In principle, exercises being engaged should be both strengthening and stretching.

Proper Posture and Lifting Technique

Improperly bending over to lift can cause a large increase in strain on the low back. Proper lifting keeps the back straight while you bend with the knees.

Minimally Invasive Pain Interventional options

1. Transforaminal Epidural blocks

2. Nucleoplasty

3. Transforaminal Endoscopic Discectomy

4. Annuloplasty

5. Laser Decompression

6. Balloon Neuroplasty

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