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Neck and shoulder pain accounts for nearly 60% of pain during our daily life. There are many causes of cervical pain like strain in the muscles, ligaments, joints, nerve and disc itself. Cervical disc problem can lead to neck pain with radicular pain in the hands. Sharp pain in hands, radiating pain , numbness , weakness , paraesthesia , hyporeflexia can be sign of cervical spondylosis. Now you need not to worry about management of neck pain. We provide comprehensive assessment and treatment of chronic neck pain by our expert pain physicians and it is safe also. Percutaneous disc decompression using nucleoplasty technique or endoscopic discectomy can cure the problem without going for major open surgery. If there is weakness or numbness in the hands along with pain in neck and arms, consult your pain specialist today to get relief from it.

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Releaf pain centers deliver a worldclass multidisciplinary service addressing all aspects of pain management, from diagnosis and assessment to treatment with noninvasive and invasive traditional therapies, as well as complementary therapies such as stress management and acupuncture.

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