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Chronic pain is a disease by itself!!!!

Ongoing symptoms and repeated multiple doctor visits is fairly common scenario in modern medicine. Multiple opinions and cohered trips to alternative medicine like ayurveda and homeopathy is the norm for patients suffering long-term conditions or in medically unexplained / undiagnosed pain situations.

Most patients access a healthcare facility due to pain, expecting a process of assessment, investigations and treatment that is expected to result in a cure from the condition. Unfortunately, this is not the case on frequent occasions. Persistent symptoms can be a result of

Missed diagnosis – more frequent than we think

Long term condition without a cure

Relapsing and remitting condition

Persistent pain – a disease in its own right!

Irrespective of which category our patient fits into (frequently multiple categories), we strive for a diagnosis of pain source, work on quantifying and qualitative assessment of pain, assess its impact on function & mood, provide appropriate measures for relieving symptoms while we pursue ongoing quest for a definite diagnosis and hence treatment with sustained relief.

Pain Physicians are experts in taking a broad overview of the patients illness and understand its implications on patients’ and their relatives’ lives. They understand all dimensions of patients’ suffering and hence strive to reduce (not necessarily abolish) pain and its implications.


A sincere attempt to provide a comprehensive diagnosis covering various domains of the illness eventually helps in ongoing assessment and treatment. The diagnosis should include:

Medical diagnoses related to the pain: underlying diagnoses causing pain (for example; osteoarthritis, cellulitis, diabetic peripheral neuropathy, etc.)

Pain type (acute, neuropathic, visceral, etc.), intensity, impact on quality of life and function

Medical comorbidities contributing to pain and/or affecting treatment:

Medications that may interfere with the usual choices of drug or nondrug treatments.

Psychosocial issues and patient's ability to cope with pain

Factors that impact treatment planning - eg depression, anxiety, negative emotions, past experiences, illness perception, alcohol dependence, substance abuse and current social situations.

Your ReLeaf Pain Physicians are experts in assessing your pain and its source. In persistent pain states and medically unexplained pain situations where most tests and scans do not provide a suitable diagnosis, you physician will seek out for precison in finding you pain source. His detailed assessment will attempt to quantify the different contributions of all possible issues culminating in your pain problem.

Precision Diagnosis may also involve undertaking precise diagnostic blocks, akin to many other blood tests or scans. This involves precise placement of needles under guidance of ultrasound scan or xray machine to deposit a small amount of local anaesthetic to abolish pain from the anticipated pain source. This is the only foolproof means of identifying and quantifying pain arising from that source. A thorough understanding of your sufferings unconventional pain sources (and hence unexplained by other specialists) means you are likely to get a diagnosis and hence actionable advice / treatment. Such precision needle procedures aid in precision diagnosis and rapid relief to aid ongoing physiotherapy as a significant component of treatment plan.

A consultation with your expert ReLeaf Pain physician will throw more light in this difficult to understand medically unexplained persistent pain state /condition and pursue precision Diagnosis as a stepping stone for long term pain relief.

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Releaf pain centers deliver a worldclass multidisciplinary service addressing all aspects of pain management, from diagnosis and assessment to treatment with noninvasive and invasive traditional therapies, as well as complementary therapies such as stress management and acupuncture.

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