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Transforaminal Endoscopic Discectomy is the state of the art latest technology in the field of minimally invasive spine techniques for Low back pain problem. This technology is performed as a day care procedure or only single day stay in hospital with almost 100% success and without risk of nerve injury or paralysis. Endoscopic forceps and laser fiber is used to relieve pressure from the pinched nerves. This helps to decompress the bulging disc not only safely but also very quickly usually with 30 minutes. This technology offers a chance to those patients who are having persistent low back pain and leg pain for more than 3 months of failed physiotherapy and medical treatments and does not want open surgery without risk of instability to spine in future. There is no risk of anaesthesia, no risk of nerve injury or weakness in legs with same day recovery. In most cases patient will be able to go home the same day or after 24 hour of stay in hospital. After a week, patient may be able to start a stretching or physical exercise program.

Our world renowned interventional Pain experts are routinely doing Transforaminal Endoscopic Discectomy at nearly 17 hospitals across India including Delhi and Bangalore. We have treated thousands of patients from India, and abroad. In Delhi NCR itself, our team of expert interventional pain and spine physician has successfully treated more than 500 patients of back pain from 16 years to 92 years aged patients with this state of the art Endoscopic intervention under local anaesthesia. We claim our results efficacy up to 99.9% with nil chance of recurrence. Our Releaf, Pain Relief center is a Centre of Excellence for Transforaminal Endoscopic discectomy in India.

If you are suffering from Back and leg pain due to slip disc, Contact us immediately either at Delhi or Bangalore center. You can avoid open surgery and we can make it possible to achieve you at best without open spine surgery and no risk of anaesthesia.

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Releaf pain centers deliver a worldclass multidisciplinary service addressing all aspects of pain management, from diagnosis and assessment to treatment with noninvasive and invasive traditional therapies, as well as complementary therapies such as stress management and acupuncture.

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